Friday, May 8, 2009

They're Baaaaaaack

A lot of you have asked me where you can get the Circle of Three series that I wrote under the name Isobel Bird. The books are out of print, but I just found out that all 15 titles are now available in Kindle editions. If you have a Kindle, head on over to the Isobel Bird Kindle store and make your lives complete.

These are some of my favorites of all of my books, and I'm pleased they're available. There's a possibility that they might be brought back into print soon (fingers crossed), but this is almost as good.

The COT series is about three girls -- Kate, Annie, and Cooper -- who begin to study witchcraft (the real kind as opposed to the Harry Potter kind) and find out that it isn't exactly what they thought it would be. The series was enormously popular in the pagan community, universally shrieked about in the conservative Christian community, and was the subject of a paper presented at the American Academy of Religion's 2005 annual conference. There's even a fansite.

Isobel also has a short story -- "Ever After" -- in the young adult horror anthology 666: The Number of the Beast (I know, right?). It's about a girl who finds out why her favorite author's books are so magical, and just how unpleasant the denizens of fairyland really are.

UPDATE: Apparently all 15 books are also available as downloads in pretty much every format you could want through the publisher, HarperCollins. Thanks to Melissa for pointing this out.


Alexa D said...
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Alexa D said...

Since GeoCities has been closed down, I thought I'd pop round and give all the curious backreaders the new fansite address:

(It's much nicer than the old one, I have to say. It has a wiki and everything!)