Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At Least They Spelled Your Name Right . . .

Take a look at the clip on the right. It's from the New York Times Book Review. Every writer wants to be mentioned in the NYTBR, right?

Sure. But I'm not sure every writer wants to be mentioned in the NYTBR along with the phrase jumped the squid.

I know, it's used with tongue firmly in cheek, and it isn't specifically in reference to Jane Bites Back. But you know how writers are. We get neurotic at the drop of a hat. Or the squirt of an ink sac. Ha ha! See, I can be funny too!

Really, I'm sort of pleased. I do wish, though, that people who insist on mentioning JBB alongside some of these other books would point out that JBB is a completely original novel about Jane herself, and not a mash-up or a takeoff on one of her novels or characters. I'm just the teeniest bit defensive about that. Keep that in mind when we do our interview, Oprah.

In other news, I was informed this morning that audio rights for both JBB and my novel Suicide Notes have been optioned. This is way exciting, and I can't wait to see who they get to read them. More info on that as soon as I have it.

In the meantime -- only 76 days until JBB hits the stores. You might want to set up camp in front of your favorite bookstore now. I'll bring you cocoa when it gets cold.

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wildefan said...

Love your books, Michael, and I'm thoroughly excited to read your take on Jane Austen. And although I won't likely be sitting out for so many days in anticipation, the offer for hot cocoa does sound nice! ;-)

Also excited to hear about your books being optioned for audio. That's fantastic! Please keep us posted!