Friday, October 23, 2009

Jane's On Target!

I just found out that Jane Bites Back has been selected as a Target Breakout Book, which they describe as "Hot subjects and up-and-coming authors for readers looking for the next big thing."

This means that not only will JBB be carried in every Target store, it will be shelved on endcaps. You know--those displays they have at the end of every aisle where they put the detergents, underpants, and lipsticks you must own or risk having an unfulfilling life.

I am so excited that people doing their weekly shopping will have a chance to pick up JBB. We go to Target every Sunday, and it's clear that 99% of America does as well. If all of them pick up a copy of JBB I might finally be able to afford the monkey lamp I have my eye on.

Oh, I forgot the best part. They're putting the book on sale on December 29, which means everyone looking for something to buy with the Target gift cards they get for the holidays will have something more amusing than socks to use them on. It's the perfect gift to give yourself! And what better way to spend New Year's Eve than rejoicing in Jane's revenge? So much nicer than champagne and a kiss at midnight.

The promotion runs through February 14, so anyone dating a Jane fan or vampire fan has the perfect gift. Nothing says "I love you" like roses, chocolate, and Jane Bites Back.