Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Indiegogo Campaign: Day 1 Report

So yesterday I launched the Indiegogo campaign for my new novel, LILY.

Wow. The response has been fantastic. In just 24 hours the project is 8% funded, and it's thanks to readers participating and sharing the news with friends. It's very gratifying to see such support for this new way of getting art into the world.

There are 30 days left in the campaign. It only happens if the project is fully funded, so I need to keep the momentum going. I figure I need to raise $215 a day to reach the finish line. To put it in terms of books,  I need to move a total of 185 more hardcovers, 259 more paperbacks, or 431 more ebooks. That's about 6 hardcovers, 9 paperbacks, or 14 ebooks a day.

Indiegogo says it typically takes seven "contacts" before someone contributes to a campaign. I hate to poke you that much, so how about we save ourselves the bother and you just trot over to my Indiegogo page now and pick yourself up some goodies?

Thanks again to everyone who has already contributed and, just as important, shared my project with their friends. Keep spreading the word!

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